What Is The Top Part Of A Curtain Called

What Is The Top Part Of A Curtain Called

The part of the window treatment that hangs perhaps a foot down from the rod, in front of the rest of the curtains, is called the valance.
Learn about the different types of curtains and their uses with this helpful guide.. Call us Toll-Free 1-877-2CURTAIN (877-228-7824). Area Rugs · Braided Rugs · Bath Rugs · Contemporary Style Rugs · Door Mats · Oriental. Toppers & Valances are hung at the top of the window and is made in many styles and shapes.

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Glossary of terms for curtains, drapes, top treatments and more.. called crinoline. Café Curtains: A curtain that covers only the bottom half of a window. Canopy: A. Casing: Wooden frame around a window (also called a Frame). Center-Draw .
These curtains are available separately, or as part of a window treatment set. valance. It's a long, thin piece of curtain fabric that is hung from the top of the window. Window. .. The most popular height for your curtains is called trim height.

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