How To Put Up Curtains Rods

Attach the hook and loop sections of tape at the center and work toward each outside edge keeping the curtain taught to prevent wrinkles at the 1 inch gaps. To install a shower curtain with a tension rod start by adding 4 inches to the height of your shower curtain and measuring that distance from the floor up the wall.

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Drill pilot holes based on.

How to put up curtains rods.
Then mark that spot so you know how high to hang up your shower curtain rod.
Drill a pilot hole and install the anchor.
Place bracket screw holes.

Hold the bracket up to the wall in the mounting position.
Drill and secure brackets.
Rods wider than four feet will need a center support.

Drill pilot holes to help start the screws.
Screw the brackets to the casing or wall.
Place a pin at the center top edge of the curtains.

How to install a curtain rod on window casing determine curtain rod length.
You can also use our how to hang curtains guide to set up drapes layered with sheers.
How to install curtain rods installing correctly measure for the height of the rod.

Predrill the pilot holes at those marks.
Add a mid brace if needed.
If the bracket rotates or wiggles adjust the screws to make a tighter hold.

Once youve factored in curtain length window height and width hold a bracket up to the wall so that the position of the rod lines up with your initial markings then use a pencil to indicate where the screws should go.
Mark the general position on one side of the window to indicate where you want.
How to install curtain rods step 1.

Mark where the brackets will go.
If you actually plan to close your curtains on occasion the curtains should be roughly between two and 25 times the width of the actual window.
Check the alignment of the marks by holding a level up to the wall.

Put the curtains on.
Then set the bracket and drive in the screws.
Using a double curtain rod insert the rod closest to the wall first and slide on a blackout drape or sheer of.

Remove the center pin.
To install the curtains start by aligning the center pin with the marked center on the placement line.
The higher the curtain rod the taller the window will appear so fix your curtain rod closer to the ceiling than the top of your window if you can.

Level and secure other bracket.
Make sure the anchors are rated for the weight of the curtains and rod.

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